DivvyCloud Becomes Amazon Web Services Advanced Technology Partner

ARLINGTON, Va., June 15, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DivvyCloud, a leading developer of innovative technology to automate and manage today’s cloud infrastructure, announced that it has achieved the highest level of technology partner status with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the leading platform for public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service. The achievement comes after two years of full AWS support within the DivvyCloud product.

“We’ve been developing for the AWS platform since the company’s inception, and every one of our customers from General Electric to small start-ups use AWS in some capacity,” said DivvyCloud CEO Brian Johnson. “As we see customers adopt AWS more broadly, they continue to face challenges managing across multiple accounts, and especially implementing mechanisms to automate policy compliance and optimization.”

DivvyCloud’s platform integration to AWS, and other leading cloud technologies, offers customers the ability to build automated compliance and corrective action rules for their cloud deployments using DivvyCloud’s Bot Factory. Existing Bots cover a range of security and cost management use cases, and include:

  • Schedule Instances Bot - auto schedule instance downtime to reduce costs
  • Regional Audit Bot - eliminate resources in unapproved cloud regions
  • S3 Bucket Permissions Bot - ensure appropriate permissions on S3 buckets
  • Network Audit Bot - identify and fix saturation levels of networks and subnets

Bot Factory allows customers to design and configure their own policy automation in just a few clicks, including data integration with other monitoring, orchestration and internal policy systems.

“It was time for us to engage more closely with the cloud platform partners,” said DivvyCloud VP of Business Development Jeremy Snyder. “Very few ISVs ever achieve the APN Advanced Technology Partner status. It’s a great achievement for us, and we will continue to work closely with AWS to bring additional value to our customers.”

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About DivvyCloud

DivvyCloud software enables organizations to achieve their cloud computing goals by simplifying and automating the lifecycle management of IT resources across leading public/private cloud technologies. DivvyCloud was founded by seasoned technologists who understand first hand what is necessary to succeed in today’s dynamic, multi-cloud world. DivvyCloud delivers multi-cloud resource visibility, provisioning, automation, monitoring and migration capabilities to improve security, reduce costs, and maintain operational agility.

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