Mobile Health Market 2016: Industry Analysis, Research, Technology, Applications, Companies Profiles, Trends, Growth and Forecast to 2021

Brooklyn, NY, June 15, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The report is a professional look into the prolific as well as minor aspects that influence the global mobile health market from various industry experts’ perspectives and supported by existing market trends and statistical information.

Mobile health is a generalized term that covers the usage of mobile devices for the purpose of practicing medicine. The global mobile health industry is largely concerned with the use of specific medical software and applications on mobile devices such as smart phones, laptops, tablet PCs, and PDAs. One major advantage that comes from the use of mobile health devices is the inclusion of emotional state into the physical health care of a patient.

The report initializes through the standard industry overview, in which the global mobile health market is broken down using a number of major rudimentary factors. These include product specifications and industry definitions, product classifications, industry chain structures, generalized applications, and a region-based industry overview. These sections of data are backed by an analysis of today’s policies still applicable to the global mobile health market, in addition to the news pieces about top factors that are influencing the market’s direction.

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The global mobile health market is also explained on the basis of its manufacturing plants and their relevant technical data. This section incorporates the analysis of commercial production status and dates of all manufacturers in the global mobile health market, and their overall capacities. It also includes a status check on the research and development efforts in the global mobile health market with an analysis of the various raw material sources.

An analysis of the production rates, revenue streams, and capacities of the global mobile health market is also provided in the report. This is created through the assistance of multiple factors of distinction, such as the various manufacturers, regions in the market, and product types.

The industry chain analysis of the global mobile health market implies examining its upstream and downstream relations. The report includes an analysis of the upstream major raw providers, in addition to their contact details and a supply volume analysis.

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The key players in the global mobile health market are I Health Labs, Diversinet, Alive Cor, Telcare, Sotera Wireless, Withings, Airstrip Technologies, Qualcomm Life, Aga Matrix, Voxiva, Motion Computing, Fitbit, Nike, Jawbone, Cardio Net, Epocrates, Vodafone, Apple, Athena health, and AT&T.

The report provides a wide range of information for individual key players in the global mobile health market. This player-based analysis of the global mobile health market comprises company profiles, updated contact information, product specs, and product pictures. The report also provides a detailed explanation of the finances of individual companies, including production capacities, production costs, revenue streams, and price, cost, and gross margins.

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