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Brexit: Why I’m voting to remain in the European Union

Hugo Dixon
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Until about five years ago, I didn't give much thought to whether Britain should stay in the European Union - because quitting didn't seem like a realistic prospect. Insofar as I did consider the matter, I had a vague feeling that we were better off in than out - but knew I would need to delve into the topic to understand why that was so.

In the early part of the century, I was too busy setting up Breakingviews to do this. Our initial focus was on the dotcom bubble and corporate finance. We didn't do much macroeconomics, let alone politics. For example, we sat out of the debate over whether Britain should join the euro.

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But during the credit bubble, our focus changed. We worried that the financial system was getting over-leveraged. When the crunch actually came, the story became banks, macro and crisis - and the political response to all that.