In Wake of New SEC Announcement, Edgar Agents Offers Support to Current and Future Clients

NEW YORK, June 16, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Edgar Agents LLC, a registered SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) filing agent that assists public issuers with EDGAR and XBRL filings, this week announced their widespread technical support and customer service capabilities for all current and prospective clients regarding the recent SEC announcement permitting voluntary filing using Inline XBRL.

The new development will allow companies to voluntarily file structured financial statement data in a format commonly called Inline XBRL. The SEC’s announcement represents another step in continued efforts to modernize and streamline the processing and transparency of companies’ disclosures.

Edgar Agents LLC, a comprehensive SEC filings management agency with years of professional experience navigating the industry, is prompting all clients with questions to contact them directly.

The SEC’s rule enables companies to structure financial statement data in their filings, including annual and quarterly reports, using eXtensible Business Report Language (XBRL). The XBRL, which is a machine-readable format, is a step forward from the current norm that requires companies to provide the structured data as an exhibit to the filing. The Inline XBRL specification allows you to incorporate your XBRL tags into your HTML-formatted financial statements and notes, rather than filing a separate exhibit. This keeps the human-readable format of the financial statements and notes the same when viewed in a web browser, while adding the taxonomy.

“The Inline XBRL format will provide a number of benefits to companies,” said Steve Yakubov, President & CEO, Edgar Agents LLC. “The development will improve the quality of structured data, decrease preparation time, improve data quality, and increase use of XBRL data by investors. At Edgar Agents LLC, our passion is ensuring all companies maximize their security, minimize processing fees, and continue to expand and flourish as an entity.

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