New Workshop Proceedings Review Existing Electric Company-Offered Corporate Renewable Energy Products to Spark Innovation and Promote Greater Customer Collaboration

WASHINGTON, June 16, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- World Wildlife Fund (WWF), World Resources Institute (WRI), and the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) today released new workshop proceedings reviewing 15 electric company-offered clean energy products in light of corporate customers seeking more tailored products that clearly align with corporate sustainability goals. Corporate energy buyers are particularly interested in products that offer greater price predictability, transparent terms, ease of acquisition, and are sourced from local projects.

The workshop proceedings also highlight the progress and future goals of the Utility-Corporate Buyer Collaborative Forum. The forum, developed in 2015, is a platform for electric companies and their customers to work together to develop renewable energy products that best align with both buyer and electric company needs.

"The companies that want renewable energy are finding procurement to be complicated and time-consuming. It's exactly why 58 large U.S. companies have signed the Corporate Renewable Energy Buyers' Principles, articulating their needs to utilities," said Marty Spitzer, director of U.S. climate and renewable energy policy at WWF. "As utilities have started to listen, we've opened a timely and needed dialogue where we are finding a surprising amount of common ground – both buyers and utilities want a reliable power grid and a reduction in the carbon content of electricity, all at a predictable and fair price."

Electric companies and customers are prioritizing grid reliability, making the generation of power cleaner and more efficient, and establishing appropriate cost structures. At a time of a rapidly changing electricity system, this collaboration is poised to develop win-win solutions that streamline approval processes and benefit all parties, while ensuring a sustainable renewable energy future.

"America's electric companies are committed to responding to customers' changing needs and providing them with more control, greater flexibility, and more choices," said Phil Moeller, EEI senior vice president of energy delivery and chief customer solutions officer. "It is important that these efforts to offer more renewable energy products maintain grid reliability, are cost competitive, and are transparent and equitable among customer classes. We are excited to be collaborating with WWF and WRI as we work to deliver the clean energy future that our customers want."

The conference proceedings present key findings of both the forum process and the evaluation of existing renewable energy products, including:

• There is immense potential benefit in electric companies and corporate buyers working together to solve problems and create opportunities for both groups.
• Large renewable energy projects can offer significant cost advantages.
• The energy grid must continue to be modernized to support renewable energy facilities.
• Regulatory evolution and flexibility are needed.

The full workshop proceedings is available for download on

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