When you tweet an emoji, advertisers can now find you

Emoji characters
Miguel Medina | AFP | Getty Images
Emoji characters

Twitter is making it easier for brands to connect with people who say it best with emojis.

The social media company announced on Thursday that it would allow emoji keyword targeting for Twitter Ads.

For example, when users tweet a pizza or chicken drumstick, marketers of similar products—say someone like Pizza Hut or KFC — can make sure that those people see their ads.

Or, if a person tweets the emoji for crying with laughter (which, curiously enough, was Oxford University's 2015 Word of the Year) brands can share in their happiness with equally ecstatic messaging.

According to the 2015 Emoji Report from marketing platform Emogi, 92 percent of people online use the characters. The number one reason for sending a positive emoji? Survey takers said "because it was relevant to them."

More than 110 billion emojis have been tweeted since 2014, Twitter said.

Emojis have already proved to be powerful marketing. Taco Bell famously ran a successful campaign to get Apple to include a taco emoji in its keyboard. Chevy released a polarizing emoji-only press release for the 2016 Cruze. And, Domino's enabled emoji ordering by tweeting at the company with the emoji for pizza.