Independent science lab announces new book revealing heavy metals analysis data on over 800 foods and spices: Food Forensics

TUCSON, Ariz., June 17, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A new book authored by an independent scientist -- "Food Forensics" -- details heavy metals analysis results for over 800 foods, spices, dietary supplements, cosmetics and pet treats. Food Forensics details the parts per billion concentrations of lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury and other elements found in consumer products.

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The author of the book, award-winning investigative journalist Mike Adams, built a $1.5 million laboratory facility ( to produce the data found in the book. Using ICP-MS instrumentation and two years of research, Adams was able to collect detailed scientific data on toxic elements and nutritive minerals found in popular consumer products.

"I believe that food consumers have a right to know what they're eating," explains Adams, the Lab Science Director of CWC Labs, an internationally accredited (ISO 17025) forensic food lab specializing in the detection of heavy metals and pesticides in foods, beverages and environmental samples. "Many popular foods, superfoods and dietary supplements are contaminated with alarmingly high levels of toxic heavy metals that directly promote chronic degenerative disease in humans and animals," Adams explained. "Until now, no one has exhaustively analyzed popular foods and shared their findings with the public."

Food Forensics reveals many astonishing findings about heavy metals and foods, including:

  • Most heavily processed foods are completely clean of heavy metals, but they also lack nutritive minerals like zinc.
  • Many dietary supplements imported from China are heavily contaminated with lead.
  • Many USDA certified organic superfoods and dietary supplements contain high levels of toxic elements and heavy metals.
  • Neither the FDA nor the USDA has any limit on the levels of toxic heavy metals allowed in most foods.
  • Toxic elements in food come from soils which have been contaminated by industrial pollution. Heavy metals go from factories to air, then soil, then plants and then humans.
  • Many of today's more costly diseases may be worsened by exposure to toxic heavy metals in foods and dietary supplements.

Food Forensics will be released on July 26 and is available now for preorder on and

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Source:Consumer Wellness Center