Advantage Eyecare Offers Summer Special on Sunglasses

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, Texas, June 19, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sunglasses with UV protection help maintain eye health and reduce risks associated with continued exposure to direct sunlight, reports Advantage Eyecare. Sunglasses protect against UV radiation and come in a range of frames and styles. Prescription shades are available as well as eyeglass lenses that darken with exposure to bright light. Optometrists at Advantage Eyecare are offering 20% off sunglasses from now through August 31st, some brands are excluded. Patients and local residents can get sunglasses from an experienced optometrist and take advantage of the current summer special at Advantage Eyecare.

UV, or ultraviolet rays, are invisible to the eye and consist of UVA, UVB and UVC rays. UVA and UVB rays have the potential to damage the eye. UV rays can cause the lens in the eye to become cloudy, resulting in cataracts. Cataracts can seriously impair vision, affecting night vision, color perception and the ability to read. UV rays can damage the retina, change eye tissue and cause photokeratitis. UV rays can affect eyes year-round creating glare and “snow blindness.” Those looking for 100 percent protection should look for labels that read “UV 400.” These sunglasses protect eyes from rays sized 400 nanometers and up. Wearing broad-brimmed hats during exposure to sunlight can help limit harmful UV rays from reaching eyes through the top or sides of sunglasses. Additionally, UV-blocking contact lenses are available in a range of prescriptions. An optometrist at Advantage Eyecare can discuss all options available to patients to avoid damaging UV ray exposure.

“Our summer special offer is an additional way that our Advantage Eyecare staff looks to best serve patients,” says Dr. Mark Schwartz. “Many people are unaware of the risks that they assume by not wearing sunglasses or not wearing ones labeled UV 400. UVA and UVB rays can lead to cataracts and impair vision. This can only be removed with surgery.”

“Local residents can visit one of our experienced optometrists and get a sizable discount on quality sunglasses that protect their eyesight for years to come. Our optometry services help every person find the right pair for their needs and lifestyle,” continued Dr. Arlene Schwartz.

Dr. Mark Schwartz and Dr. Arlene Schwartz serve residents of North Richland Hills, and Colleyville. Advantage Eyecare optometrists are experienced in the latest practices and technologies and customize treatment to the needs of every patient. They work with patients to develop a tailored eye care plan that takes into account patient concerns and lifestyles. Optometry services include comprehensive eye exams, pre-op and post-op LASIK care, and treatment of a range of eye infections and diseases.

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Source: Advantage Eyecare