North Central Animal Hospital Addresses Kidney Disease in Pets with the IDEXX SDMA Test

PHOENIX, June 19, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kidney disease is one of the most common causes of illness in pets. The IDEXX SDMA test provides early detection capabilities, helping veterinarians to improve treatment and slow the progression of the disease, reports North Central Animal Hospital. Kidney damage is cumulative and cannot be reversed. Early screening is essential to addressing kidney disease in pets and increasing chances of longevity by approximately 50 percent. Pet owners should be aware of this common disease and how early treatment can improve outcomes for pets and their owners. The IDEXX SDMA test, available at North Central Animal Hospital, can impact the course of the disease.

Kidney disease affects one of every three cats and one in ten dogs. Symptoms are not readily apparent and by the time there is a diagnosis a majority of kidney function has been lost. Symptoms in cats and dogs include weight loss, decreased appetite, more frequent urination and increased thirst. However, by the time the symptoms appear, significant kidney damage has already occurred. New testing allows pet owners to detect kidney disease in dogs and cats before typical symptoms are apparent.

The IDEXX SDMA kidney screening test can detect kidney disease in time to develop a treatment plan for the affected pet and slow progression of disease. SDMA testing has been recently added to early detection and treatment guidelines by the International Renal Interest Society and studies support the use of the SDMA test for detecting kidney disease in dogs and cats. Traditional methods of measuring creatinine will only provide a red flag after 75 percent of kidney function is lost. The SDMA test detects kidney disease at 40 percent of kidney loss.

“Kidney disease is a prevalent illness that affects many of the animals that I see,” said Dr. Hillary Frank. “As an experienced veterinarian, I serve my patients best when delivering early diagnosis of conditions such as kidney disease. I can then work with owners to develop the best course of treatment to address their pet’s needs and prolong their quality of life. Damage to kidneys is not repaired by the body. Kidney disease is progressive, but our new IDEXX SDMA test lets us begin treatment right away.”

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