Sites Vision Clinic Offers Polarized Sunglasses and Anti-Reflective Lenses for Summer

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn., June 19, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sunglasses, in particular those that are polarized, help reduce glare from flat surfaces while driving or engaging in outdoor activities, reports Sites Vision Clinic. Sunglasses with polarized lenses are popular with boaters, fishermen, outdoor enthusiasts and drivers. Optometrists at Sites Vision Clinic offer residents the ability to safely experience outdoor activities, provide protection from harmful UV rays and assist with safe driving during summer trips. Polarized sunglasses, as well as other lenses and coatings which are beneficial during summer, can be found at Sites Vision Clinic.

For many sports and activities, polarized lenses offer advantages and can be combined with other features for specific vision needs. In addition, those with photophobia, causing light sensitivity, may experience discomfort or headaches from exposure to bright lights, which may be alleviated with specialty lenses. The aging population that have undergone cataract surgery often benefit from polarized lenses to reduce intense levels of light from entering their field of vision.

A flat road, still water or other surface may reflect light that is horizontally polarized. Light typically is scattered in many directions; however, glare, or the light reflected from such surfaces, is in a single direction and can present a distracting scatter of light. Polarized lenses have a filter that blocks this light.

Anti-reflective coating for lenses is another option for those who wear glasses daily, while driving, or while working in an office. This coating allows light to pass through the lenses, as opposed to having the light bounce off them, alleviating glare. An anti-reflective coating can also be applied to polarized sunglass lenses for additional clarity.

“Our polarized sunglasses help patients fully enjoy their experiences outdoors,” said Dr. Clif Sites. “Many people are unaware that they can reduce the amount of glare experienced while fishing, driving or enjoying other outdoor activities. The intense light from glare can be particularly annoying for those that are hypersensitive to light or have recently undergone cataract surgery. We also provide anti-reflective coating for lenses on prescription or non-prescription lenses. Anti-reflective coating prevents glare from veiling the lens, giving it more transparency. Visit one of our optometrists to get the specialized eye care services and eye wear lenses needed this summer.”

Dr. Clif Sites, founder of Sites Vision Clinic serves residents of Clarksville, Elkton and the surrounding area. Clarksville & Elkton optometrists offer high-quality vision care and customer service to every patient. They work with patients to create an eye care plan that considers individual patient concerns and lifestyle needs. Sites Vision Clinic optometry services include eye health exams, vision testing, contact lens fittings, diagnosis and treatment of eye conditions, specialty glasses and eye surgery co-management.

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