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The 40 most attractive employers in the world, according to LinkedIn

Employees cheer before the launch of Apple Inc. iPhone SE and iPad Pro 9.7
Tomohiro Ohsumi | Getty Images

Step aside, Google. In the global battle for talent, Apple comes out on top.

In a new analysis by LinkedIn, the iPhone maker was found to be world's most desirable place to work.

LinkedIn on Monday released its first-ever Top Attractors list, which includes a ranking of the 40 most sought-after companies around the world. The networking site used its extensive data from more than 433 million members to craft the list, which was created using data on job applications, views on companies' career pages, member engagement and retention of new hires.

LinkedIn found some common threads among the world's most attractive employers: Many are trying to cut bureaucracy, increase flexibility and offer unique perks.

So which companies made LinkedIn's global top 40? Read below for the full rankings:

1. Apple


3. Facebook

4. Google


6. Microsoft

7. Uber

8. Unilever

9. Coca-Cola

10. Johnson & Johnson

11. Oracle

12. Nestle

13. Deloitte

14. PepsiCo

15. Adobe

16. Shell

17. L'Oreal

18. Diageo

19. McKinsey

20. IBM

21. Visa

22. Cisco

23. Procter & Gamble

24. Disney

25. Ernst & Young

26. Dell

27. Siemens

28. Huawei

29. JLL

30. Schneider Electric

31. Tesla

32. Twitter

33. Expedia

34. Accenture

35. Nike

36. Mondelez

37. Philips

38. Adidas

39. Honeywell

40. Danone