Apple doesn’t love Trump, but Apple CEO Tim Cook is raising money for Paul Ryan and other Republicans

Noah Kulwin

Over the weekend, Apple said that it wouldn't support the Republican convention —presumably because Apple doesn't like Donald Trump and his penchant for saying racist things.

But Apple is just fine with Republicans: According to Politico, Apple CEO Tim Cook is hosting a fundraiser next week for Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and "a joint fundraising committee aimed at helping to elect other House Republicans."

Apple's Cook to raise funds for Paul Ryan
Apple's Cook to raise funds for Paul Ryan

It's worth noting that Cook, not Apple, will be hosting the fundraiser. Then again, Cook runs Apple.

Though Trump's relationship with establishment Republicans is tense (to put it mildly), Ryan endorsed Trump in early June after a few weeks of dancing around the decision. More recently, Ryan said on TV that it was his "responsibility" to support the "duly elected" nominee of the party. Though Ryan didn't say this while a gun was pointed at him from offscreen, it sure sounded like it.

For Apple, playing nice with Republicans is a way for the company to mend fences after its long, torturous tussle with the federal government over encryption. Still, Ryan and the GOP establishmentagree with Trump on things that Apple has publicly condemned — such as the discriminatory trans bathroom measure passed in North Carolina earlier this year.

An Apple spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

By Noah Kulwin,

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