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Cramer: Be careful, stock rally is 'robbing Peter to pay Paul'

Cramer: Be careful, stock rally is 'robbing Peter to pay Paul'

All the wrong stocks rallied on Monday, according to Jim Cramer.

There is a specific combination of stocks that create a rally that can last, such as the big-cap companies with a strong international presence. That didn't happen on Monday, which Cramer interpreted that as a sign that this move may not have much staying power.

"Not until we get fresh money, not until more investors resurface and the love affair with growth stocks comes back, will we see a really good rally rather than just an OK one that can be taken away," the "Mad Money " host said.

The large financials, technology and health care stocks make up a large percentage of the S&P 500 Index. When those sectors go higher, that adds fuel to the market.

"Today's move was much more of a robbing Peter to pay Paul scenario," Cramer said.

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Instead, Cramer suspected that the rally was driven by polls of whether Britain will leave the European Union (EU), an issue that could wreak havoc on financial stocks.

The only stocks that seemed to be working on Monday were the consumer packaged goods, value and technology groups. General Mills, Dollar Tree, Five Below and NVIDIA were all on fire.

There were three large-cap stocks that roared, and absolutely shocked Cramer: AT&T, 3M and Honeywell.

"I have to tell you they are all managerial, meaning that management triumphed over the wet noodle of an economy we have both here and abroad," Cramer said.

Ultimately, Cramer warned for investors not to get too carried away. He believes the rally will give way to smaller rallies, and continue to diminish.

The current rally could be taken away at any minute on the whim of Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen's Congressional testimony on Tuesday and Wednesday, or a quick poll for Britain. Until more investors surface, he's not banking on this being something that lasts.

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