Cramer: This group can't rally until the election is over

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals: "Understand that Regeneron and Celgene are both under a lot of pressure because they're biotechs. You can hold on but understand that group will not do well I think until after the election."

Holly Energy Partners: "You've got to be careful because ... there's a big decision coming down. Williams and Energy Transfer (ETE) and it could hurt any one of these that is in an MLP [master limited partnership] group is going to get hurt and Holly Energy could get hurt, too. A 6.5 percent [yield] with oil at $50 it's not so bad. I just emphasize that there's more risk than you think."

Micron Technology: "I think Micron is going to slowly come back. It's kind of like Advanced Micro Devices. There's a poll, so it comes back. I don't know, could it get to $15? Yes it probably could."

OPKO Health Inc: "I saw that Phil Frost [CEO] bought some more stock ... that last acquisition really did kill the stock, but I do believe in the company."

Cheniere Energy Partners: "There is LNG, which I don't like. There's CQP, which I do like. But I cooled when they fired Charif Souki [former CEO]. I thought Charif Souki built a great company and then he's gone. I have no idea who these guys are running it now."

Medtronic PLC: "Medtronic made that acquisition, it's rationalizing things. It's such a good situation. I like it a lot."

Windstream Holding Inc: "You're reaching for yield with WIN. We don't want to reach for yield, we would rather be in an AT&T at 4.7 percent."

Mueller Water Products: "I owned a big position in Mueller many, many years ago when I was allowed to own stocks at my hedge fund. I think it's terrific. It's water infrastructure and we like water infrastructure."

Rite-Aid Corp: "Rite Aid has got a $9 target on it because Walgreens, which my charitable trust owns, is trying to buy it. I don't trust the government anymore. Sell, sell, sell."

Parker-Hannifin Corp: "That's a very well-run company and I like it very much. There's not much more to say other than the fact that they did have a real good quarter."

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