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The 25 most attractive employers in the UK, according to LinkedIn

Why is Harrods an attractive company to work for?
Why is Harrods an attractive company to work for?
UK retailers attracting top talent: LinkedIn
UK retailers attracting top talent: LinkedIn
Users expressing fears over Brexit: LinkedIn
Users expressing fears over Brexit: LinkedIn

Want to attract top employees to your business? Well, you might want to take pointers from the U.K.'s 25 most attractive employers, according to LinkedIn.

With the country's economy heavily geared towards consumer spending, it's no surprise retail forms the backbone of this new list, created using data from the social media site for professionals.

The department store John Lewis - which also owns the food stores Waitrose - tops the list, notable for its employee-owned partnership model, as opposed to private-equity backed businesses or market-listed companies.

"We are a democracy – open, fair and transparent. Our profits are shared, our partners have a voice and there is a true sense of pride in belonging to something so unique and highly regarded," the company states on its website. The partners are essentially the 91,500 people who work for the firm and all receive the same percentage payout which rises or falls in line with its financial fortunes.

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British telecom and cable TV company Virgin Media comes second on the list. The company was formed by NTL's takeover of Virgin Mobile and was initially led by entrepreneur Richard Branson, although it's now a subsidiary of U.S. billionaire John Malone's cable group, Liberty Global.

Several U.S. firms appear on the list of favorite companies for Britons, including Google, Amazon and Facebook as well as prominent luxury London retailers Harrods and Selfridges.

LinkedIn's first-ever Top Attractors list launched Monday and is dubbed as the first rundown of top companies in the where people want to work. It's collated by LinkedIn data that examines the billions of actions of the site's 433 million-plus members.

The data looks at user actions on the site like new hire staying power, job applications, engagement and company reach — which it says indicates the most wanted and sought after companies by professionals.

The company has also separately ranked companies on a global basis, as well as reports for the United States, France, Australia, Brazil and India. An online survey of 6,266 workers also ran alongside the research.

'Good to be part of it'

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Michael Ward, the managing director at Harrods, the upmarket department store located in London's Knightsbridge, told CNBC that potential employees were no longer coming through conventional employment agencies. He added that investment in social media, like its LinkedIn page, was "hugely important" for the company.

"It's really good to be part of (the list) ... we really need great people," he said in a telephone interview.

Harrods has nearly 100,000 followers of its LinkedIn company profile, which it says has largely been accrued organically through interesting content and long-term engagement. The store adds that LinkedIn is primarily used as a resourcing tool, sourcing candidates directly and also advertising available jobs within the company.

It also tries to give prospective employees a view of the company culture of Harrods and to keep them updated on developments and stories from the store, according to the firm.

Ward noted that the engagement between employer and employees at Harrods may be a key reason behind its inclusion in the list. Regular staff awards, a large restaurant with subsidized food and one-on-one careers sessions were more detailed examples of what the company offers.

Here's the full list for the U.K.'s most attractive employers:

  • 1. John Lewis
  • 2. Virgin Media
  • 3. Harrods
  • 4. Google
  • 5. PA Consulting Group
  • 6. Asos
  • 7. KPMG
  • 8. Jaguar Land Rover
  • 9. Amazon
  • 10. Burberry
  • 11. PwC
  • 12. Dixons Carphone
  • 13. Carillion
  • 14. EE
  • 15. Sainsbury's
  • 16. Lloyds
  • 17. Facebook
  • 18. Travis Perkins
  • 19. Interserve
  • 20. Selfridges
  • 21. Deloitte U.K.
  • 22. Arcadia Group
  • 23. House of Fraser
  • 24. Marks & Spencer
  • 25. The Net-a-Porter Group