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Tesla's vision for the future is 'blindingly obvious' to Elon Musk

Tesla makes offer to buy SolarCity

Tesla CEO Elon Musk shared his vision of building a highly integrated, sustainable energy company on Tuesday, after announcing that his electric automaker had made a bid to acquire SolarCity.

"Telsa is hellbent on becoming the best manufacturer in the world, this may seem counter intuitive to a lot of people I think it is very obviously the thing that should be done—like so obvious—it's blindingly obvious, " Musk said on a conference call held Tuesday evening.

He also offered the pros of acquiring the full-service solar power company.

"I think there are benefits to sharing knowledge, assuming we're going to become a combined company," Musk said. "Sharing knowledge on the manufacturing front, scaling up production, and figuring out how to build the machine that built the machine (is the goal.)"