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Brexit vote looms—Here’s what could happen to UK markets in either scenario

Brexit for not-Brits: An explainer

With the U.K.'s referendum on its EU membership already roiling global markets, analysts have given their views on how U.K. assets could trade on the day after the vote.

In a survey, CNBC asked market analysts their forecasts for how the results of the EU referendum will impact a slew of U.K. financial markets.

"As it stands, sterling benefits from the U.K. being an EU-linked economy whilst maintaining the flexibility of its independent monetary policy," said Adrian Lee, CIO of investment firm Adrian Lee and Partners, adding that "should the U.K. vote to leave the EU, this dual-existence would cease, potentially resulting in a significant impact on sterling."

The survey involving nearly 30 market analysts from various banks and strategy firms across asset classes asked a series of questions on what they thought the impact of both results – remain and leave will have on markets.

The tables below show the forecasts for five major asset classes in both the situations.