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Burger King's new menu item is the ultimate snackfood mashup

Burger King adding Mac N' Cheetos to the menu

Grab a napkin, folks. Burger King is at it again.

The burger chain is getting cheesy this summer with mac n' cheese bites coated in crispy Cheetos dust, appropriately dubbed Mac N' Cheetos.

"It's a flavor that everyone is familiar with, but we are presenting it in a totally novel way," Alex Macedo, president of Burger King North America, told CNBC. "No one has ever done what we are doing. It's bold and it's our only product launch this summer."

Burger King is no stranger to seemingly off-brand menu items. The restaurant in recent years has peddled Chicken Fries, Grilled Dogs and Chicken Fries Rings. Its offerings have come as competitors are likewise rolling out inventive menu items, in a battle to build buzz and marketshare.

Burger King, which has altered its marketing strategy to offer fewer, but "more impactful" product launches, hopes the tactic will lure in younger customers. Macedo said millennials and other young consumers drove sales of the company's Chicken Fries and seek foods that are portable and fun.

Mac N' Cheetos arrive chainwide June 27 and will sell for $2.49 for five pieces.