Innovative New Laser Hair Removal System Now Available In Canada

CAMBRIDGE, Ontario, June 22, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- An industry-leading laser hair removal system, the Ilooda VIKINI, is an essential in international spas and clinics, and now, it has entered the Canadian technology industry for business owners across the country. Korea is renowned for producing advancements in technology and electronics at an accessible price point. In more recent years, the country's innovative aesthetic solutions have reached global fandom. Their highly sought-after cosmetic surgery clinics and medical spas have attracted people from across the world to experience their advancement in aesthetic products, like their advanced diode laser hair removal system, the Ilooda VIKINI.

The Ilooda VIKINI offers the diode technology that spa owners and medical professionals are familiar with, but for a fraction of the cost of other industry-leading brands. It's high-speed pulsed system provides the client with less pain and quicker results. Effective on most hair and skin types, the VIKINI Ilooda has remarkable ergonomics for the operator, and a cooling sapphire tip and customizable treatments to ensure client satisfaction. With all of the desired features for spa and clinic professionals included, this fast and efficient laser hair removal system is sure to make waves in the aesthetic industry.

Canadian company, Xcite Technologies, has been supplying business owners with affordable repair and maintenance services, and rental and purchase of systems since the late 1990s. Throughout their immersion in the laser aesthetic industry, Xcite Technologies wanted to utilize Korea's revolutionary technology and electronic developments. They aspired to provide spas and clinics across Canada with an aesthetic laser that uses familiar technology as industry-leading systems in Canada, but for a lower price point to attract smaller businesses' or those spas and clinics that are quickly growing.

Xcite Technologies is the first company in Canada to distribute the Ilooda VIKINI, and truly believes in the product. Nicole Roberts, Marketing Manager of Xcite Technologies with extensive knowledge in the aesthetic laser industry states, "We're excited to bring the VIKINI to the Canadian market, because it offers the advanced technology and efficacy of more expensive, industry leading systems at a much more accessible price point. This is important to business owners who want to offer their clients the latest and greatest, but have to worry about balancing the expense of costly equipment."

From London Spa in Ontario, Canada, spa owner Jay has described her experience working with Xcite Technologies and their rental service of the VIKINI Ilooda. She states, "VIKINI is user-friendly, especially the speed. Clients felt like it was more comfortable than industry-leading brands, and they would prefer treatments with VIKINI."

Xcite Technologies is proud to be the exclusive provider of the VIKINI Ilooda in Canada, and to pave the way for Canadian spas and clinics to include overseas technology like the VIKINI Ilooda in their practice. Bill Roberts, co-owner of Xcite Technologies and veteran in the laser technology industry says, "The VIKINI hair removal laser is proven technology in over 40 countries. Now, Canadian spas and clinics can enjoy fast, comfortable and effective hair removal technology that is truly affordable."

About XCITE Technologies:
Since the late 1990s, the specialists at XCITE Technologies has been providing laser technology services across Canada. Our knowledgeable technicians are committed to providing businesses with repair and maintenance on our current laser hair removal machines, as well as selling new and completely refurbished, pre-owned machines to Canadian businesses. We specialize in laser hair removal repair and maintenance, manufacturing of replacement parts, laser tattoo removal machines and a variety of aesthetic laser machines. The professionals at XCITE Technologies have been immersed in the medical and aesthetic laser industry for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on our experience as veterans in laser technology.


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