Pacific Air Filtration to Bring Breakthrough Air Purification Technology to Consumer and Commercial Markets in the US and China

REDMOND, Wash., June 22, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pacific Air Filtration (PAF), a spinoff of the CoMotion collaborative innovation hub at the University of Washington, launched today to bring its breakthrough air filtration technology to market. The company’s solution combines the energy efficiency of true electrostatic filters with the easy to use form of a mechanical filter to deliver high performance air purification with 80% lower energy use. In addition, PAF received a seed round investment of $1.25 million.

A breakthrough in air filtration technology. PAF has developed proprietary technology that combines a true electrostatic filter with a replaceable, inexpensive collection cartridge similar to that of a traditional mechanical filter to enable breakthroughs in consumer air purification products and commercial solutions.

PAF technology

Larry Rothenberg, Cofounder and President

Dr. Igor Krichtafovitch, Cofounder and CTO

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An increasing demand for healthier indoor air
There is growing concern in major cities in the US, China and around the world about the health problems caused by indoor air quality, and existing air purification solutions do not practically address the need to clean indoor air and keep it clean. Compounding the problem are increases in the prevalence of ultrafine particles (UFPs), which are under 0.1 micron in size and are thought to pose the greatest health risks, especially to children. Other airborne risks include pathogens and Asian or industrial dust, commonly found throughout China and India, among other areas.

“To meet today’s demand for healthier indoor air, we’ve introduced a solution that offers the best of both worlds – the efficiency of a true electrostatic filter and the convenience of a mechanical filter,” comments Dr. Igor Krichtafovitch, a PAF cofounder and air filtration industry pioneer who developed the technology in partnership with the University of Washington.

The technology innovation
PAF’s technology innovation combines the high filtration performance and convenience of mechanical filters with the energy efficiency of electrostatic filters by replacing metal plate collectors with inexpensive open cell foam that can be replaced as a single cartridge.

In doing so, PAF overcomes the central problems with traditional electrostatic filters, which deliver degrading performance over time as the filter takes on more and more particles, and require difficult and time consuming cleaning on a regular basis.

PAF has developed prototypes, including both fan-driven room and in-duct HVAC systems, that have been tested by independent labs to show the technology’s potential*:

  • High performance air filtration with 80% lower energy use than a traditional mechanical air filter
  • Much higher load capacity than traditional electrostatic filters, without the load-based performance decrease of HEPA and other mechanical filters
  • All with a convenient replaceable filter cartridge
  • HVAC prototype shows that higher indoor air quality does not require a high energy penalty – and delivers both a high efficiency air filter and system energy efficiency

Bringing it to market
PAF will introduce a line of stand-alone air purification devices using its proprietary technology, aimed at the household consumer market and commercial environments such as offices in the US, China and other heavily polluted urban areas.

PAF will also partner with commercial air filtration companies who can use PAF’s proprietary technology to improve the performance and energy efficiency of their own systems.

* PAF prototype tests were conducted and certified by independent third party labs Blue Heaven Technologies and Intertek.

About Pacific Air Filtration
Pacific Air Filtration (PAF) sets a new standard for air filtration through technology that combines the performance of mechanical filters with the energy efficiency of true electrostatic filters. The breakthrough solution delivers high performance air purification with 80% lower energy use than traditional mechanical filters. PAF owns exclusive rights to the technology, originally developed by Dr. Igor Krichtafovitch in partnership with the CoMotion collaborative innovation hub at the University of Washington.

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