Brexit or Bremain: Either way, the UK is set for political turmoil

The United Kingdom's political landscape will remain problematic regardless of whether it remains or exits the European Union (EU), according to a strategist.

"If there's a vote to leave, you've taken a big block out of the architecture of Europe's foundation but if the U.K. votes to stay by a small percentage, no immediate cataclysmic events are going to happen but the debate won't go away," explained David Roche, president and global strategist at Independent Strategy.

Early results from Thursday's referendum on E.U. membership showed a nail-bitingly close race, with just a few percentage points separating the remain and leave camps.

Even if the remain camp did prevail, a view that Roche personally subscribed to, bubbling political tensions were still a major cause for concern, he said.

"The conservative party is still totally split, Prime Minister David Cameron's judgment in calling this [vote] is his doom," said Roche.

British Prime Minister David Cameron
Getty Images
British Prime Minister David Cameron

Moreover, internal warfare between rival parties will continue and the outlook will be further complicated by the referendum's potential domino effect across Europe, he continued, particularly for separatist forces in France and Spain.

"If it [the vote] is a narrow stay, then it just opens another can of worms," Roche said.

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