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Cramer: Twitter the last diamond mine left to grab in tech

Cramer: Twitter the last diamond mine left to grab in tech

Every time Jim Cramer goes to CNBC's headquarters in San Francisco, he is reminded just how short-term minded Wall Street is, and how important it is to think about the long term.

That is why he decided to go down the list of technology companies changing the business, and how the innovation they bring to the table could change investor portfolios.

Right now the number one company that everyone fears and respects is Amazon. While it is Seattle-based, it has created a clear disruption in retail, causing many other companies to try to keep up. Everything from the connected car at Ford, to Intel and to Macy's is impacted.

"I cannot believe how many companies out there literally exist to do nothing but make other companies competitive with Amazon," the "Mad Money" host said.

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The next company is Facebook, with a business model that so many fear — virtually unlimited content that Facebook doesn't even have to pay for because it's created by the customer, and advertisers want to use.

The next on Cramer's list was Alphabet, the parent of Google, but less for what it is doing now and more for what it might be working on. The buzz is all about driverless cars, and people are far more excited about this than whether search revenue is robust.

The oddest company of all, though, was Twitter. No one can stop talking about Twitter. Cramer boiled it down to two reasons: First, everyone is on it, checking what is happening. The second reason was that after LinkedIn got its monster bid from Microsoft, everyone wants to know who will bid for Twitter.

Will it be Facebook? Apple? Microsoft? Salesforce? Alphabet?

"They speak of Twitter as if it's some diamond in the rough that is sitting in the ground, and the only thing you need to do is get it out, polish it and make it worthwhile is to get rid of the company's current management. It might as well be the last diamond mine left to grab," Cramer said.

So while most are watching the Brexit vote on Thursday, Cramer was thinking about the future. When it comes to the winners of tech, it's Amazon. In the future, it could be Twitter but it must change ownership before it can even begin to do so, Cramer said.

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