GoEuro Ranks the World’s Cheapest and Most Expensive Destinations Around the World, Based on Beer Prices

-- Annual GoEuro Beer Price Index Helps Travelers Get the Most of their Spending Money Abroad, From Bratislava to Lausanne; LA has the U.S.’ Cheapest Beer, New York has the Most Expensive –

NEW YORK, June 23, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- There can’t be a better way to determine how far travel spending money goes than to starting with a beer. GoEuro has combined data from 70 cities using the cost of local and the most popular imported beer, as well as comparing yearly average purchasing and consumption, to determine the best value around the globe.

Eastern Europe has seen a significant growth in popularity as a travel destination, due in large part to the excellent value for tourists visiting there. No surprise then that the cheapest beer in the world can be found for just $1.65 in Bratislava, Slovakia. The world’s second cheapest beer destination is in Ukraine’s Kiev at just $1.66 average price. Last year’s number one city Krakow, Poland, has dropped to third place this year, at $1.87 a beer.

Europe's Top 10 Cheapest Cities to have a Beer

Six US destinations are featured in the survey with Los Angeles listed as 34th cheapest beer destination in the world at $3.64 per beer, followed by Boston ranked 36th with $3.66 per beer; San Francisco in 40th place at $3.78; Chicago at 48 for $4.48 per beer; Miami in 50th place with a $5 beer; and, finally, New York in 62nd place, with the US’ priciest beer at an average of $5.36 per beer. The entire ranking of 70 cities can be found here.

The 2016 index has crowned a new locale as the most expensive city for beer drinking. The priciest destination in the world, according to GoEuro’s beer index, is Lausanne, Switzerland, in 70th place and a whopping $9.51 average price for a beer. Lausanne has knocked last year's top city, Geneva, down to 5th place. This year sees a huge difference in prices between the #1 and #2 spots of $2.65.

Europe's Top 10 Expensive Cities to have a Beer

While Americans might usually associated England or Ireland as the biggest beer-drinking destinations in Europe, Prague in the Czech Republic is actually in first place with each person drinking an average of 38 gallons of beer per year, closely followed by Krakow and Warsaw, Poland, tied for 2nd at 33.5 gallons per person each year.

Europe's Top 10 Cities that Drink the Most Beer
1Prague38 Gallons
2Krakow33.5 Gallons
3Warsaw33.5 Gallons
4Belgrade31.4 Gallons
5Frankfurt28.2 Gallons
6Berlin28.2 Gallons
7Munich28.2 Gallons
8Helsinki27.5 Gallons
9Vienna27.5 Gallons
10Kiev27.5 Gallons

Perhaps not surprisingly, the most expensive city for beer, Lausanne, is also the city in which people spend the most on beer. This year Lausanne has moved Helsinki out of the top spot. Prague is in 3rd place. London is the only city in the UK in this top 10 list, spending just slightly less than Berlin.

Europe's Top 10 Cities that Spend the Most on Beer

Naren Shaam, CEO and founder of GoEuro said,

“Beer is popular the world over and a staple with travelers on vacation. But by crunching the data from 70 destinations, beer also gives us a great way to show which destinations offer travelers the best deal.”

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