Running in the Family
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India's 10 richest inheritors: The billionaires with mom and dad to thank

Antilia Tower, the new residence of Mukesh D. Ambani, chairman of India's Reliance Industries Ltd., stands in Mumbai, India, on Thursday, Oct. 28, 2010.

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Some of India's richest men and women have their parents to thank. Having inherited some of the country's top companies and brands, however, these fortunate inheritors have put their individual stamp on their family businesses.

Despite challenges such as family feuds and changing market dynamics, these ten billionaires have not only increased their own wealth but have grown what their forefathers had built, diversifying into uncharted sectors and territories.

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By Gauri Bhatia | Special to CNBC. Posted June 23, 2016.

Adeel Halim | Bloomberg | Getty Images