Obama to entrepreneurs after Brexit: You're the glue in a changing world

President Barack Obama
Kevin Lamarque | Reuters
Obama: UK's vote to leave EU will not derail special relationship

On the heels of the Brexit referendum in which the majority of Britons voted in favor of the U.K. leaving the European Union, U.S. President Barack Obama underscored the importance of entrepreneurs in keeping societies and economies interconnected.

"I believe we are better off in a world in which we are trading and networking and communicating and sharing ideas," Obama said on Friday. "But that also means that cultures are colliding, and sometimes it's disruptive and people get worried. You're the bridge. You're the glue."

In his speech at the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit at Stanford University, Obama also said that he and David Cameron had spoke and that the two countries remain committed to each other.

Ultimately, the world needs your creativity and your energy and your vision.
U.S. President Barack Obama

The summit included remarks on entrepreneurship from other notable figures, including Google CEO Sundar Pichai who spoke about innovation and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg.

"Entrepreneurship remains the engine of growth," Obama said. "Ultimately, the world needs your creativity and your energy and your vision."

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