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'Vintage' Apple iPods reportedly rake in $20,000 on eBay

'Vintage' iPods priced high on eBay

Less than two years after the discontinuation of the iPod Classic, the "vintage" Apple music players are now considered collector's items — and they fetch hefty sums on eBay, The Guardian reports.

It should be noted that the eBay prices are only listed sums, and not actual sale prices. However, it's underscores how nostalgic some buyers are for the iPod, and how eager others are to profit on that nostalgia.

On the low end, a factory-sealed third-generation iPod shuffle can draw nearly $1,000 in online auctions, while a second-generation, still-boxed iPod classic with a moving wheel lists for almost $20,000, according to The Guardian.

Even advertisements and store displays for the iPods are priced upwards of $5,500, according to the British news site.

One memorabilia vendor told The Guardian there is growing demand for Apple-related goods, as collectors seek to build collections of every type of iPod ever made. Old iPod prices have spiked since the moment they were discontinued amid difficulty in getting the necessary parts and declining demand.

Next up? Maybe an iPhone collection, one iPod collector told The Guardian.

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