Dating app launched to introduce ‘remain’ voters to each other

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Dimitri Otis | Getty Images

It seems the U.K.'s decision to leave the European Union may even affect one's dating and social life, according to two voters behind a new dating app designed for 'Remain' voters only.

Remainder, which was launched on Friday, said in a press release that it is "trying to provide a little comfort for these heartbroken voters," who voted for the U.K. to remain within the EU.

Seventy five percent of millennials who voted in Thursday's EU referendum vote, voted to stay in the bloc.

"We thought the best way of recovering must be to go out for a few drinks with someone who's in the same boat. After all 'a problem shared is a problem halved' and what we never managed to give Brussels was our British sense of humor," said the creators of Remainder, who described themselves on their website as "heartbroken Remain voters."

The idea behind the app came "because all the Remain voters we know seemed so depressed. Our Facebook feeds had turned into a never-ending funeral service."

Remainder will be hosting events in "Remain-voting cities like London, Brighton, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh," according to its website. Unfortunately however, the crowdfunding effort to fund the app has only raised 60 GBP ($80) of its 5,000 GBP ($6,700) target thus far.

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