Amazon's new odd-looking new headquarters in downtown Seattle

Key Points

Design for Amazon's new Seattle headquarters
Source: NBBJ

Amazon is building new corporate headquarters in downtown Seattle — and the design is turning heads.

The structure, a series of globes designed by the firm NBBJ, is designed to be environmentally friendly using recycled energy to heat its offices. With a "district energy" heating system, the dome-shaped building will use recycled heat from neighboring buildings. (Hat tip to Bloomberg.)

Source: javacolleen | flickr

The project's first phase — finished in late 2015 — included a high-rise named Doppler, and a space for employees to hang out. The building is expected to be completed in 2018, according to NBBJ.

The latest phase of the project will include a dome-shaped building in the Denny Triangle area of Seattle.

Amazon's new Seattle headquarters
Peter Alfred Hess | Flickr

The building also recycles energy through water pipes and enables Amazon to heat more than 3 million square feet of office space, part of Amazon's sustainable initiatives and environmental efforts.