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Best bounce-back stocks in S&P after a plummet

As you will see below, the ride is greatest for planes and cars among S&P 500 stocks after a stock market plunge. With a showing of more than two dozen previous instances of S&P 500 dives of 5 percent or more in a two-day period, the five stocks below have been the best bounce-back trades in the following month. Autozone, which didn't make the top five, did come in at No. 6 with an average return of 10 percent. And when looking at percentage of trades positive, O'Reilly Automotive and Autozone were No. 1 and No. 3 among all S&P 500 stocks.

Discovery Communications, while not posting among the best absolute return numbers in the month after an S&P dive, was No. 2 overall in terms of percentage of times trading positive (87 percent) and a near-8 percent average return during those monthly bounce-back periods. For investors with a short-term memory, Facebook has only been in the S&P 500 for long enough to experience two of these plunges, but it's traded positive in the month after in both instances.