New Enterprise Data Lake Management Platform Delivers Enterprise-Grade Hadoop

LOWELL, Mass., June 29, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Organizations can now efficiently and securely set up, deploy and manage a Hadoop-based data lake with the new version of Podium, the enterprise-ready management platform from Podium Data.

The new version of Podium meets real-world requirements of enterprises planning to use a data lake to establish "Data as a Platform" within their organizations through three business-critical capabilities: advanced security, the data development lifecycle and accessibility.

“At CIGNA, we are building an enterprise data lake as a next generation data management platform that will allow us to exponentially expand data delivery to the business,” said Don Gray, Chief Data Officer, CIGNA. “Nothing is more important to us than ensuring the security of data in the lake and we place a huge premium on those data lake technologies that are both committed and capable of delivering truly hardened enterprise ready security measures.”

Enterprise-Grade Security
Hadoop is a powerful tool for building a big data platform but it was not designed to securely manage enterprise data with the controlled access, encryption, and obfuscation required by the modern and secure enterprise. Podium delivers a single, end-to-end security framework around the data in Hadoop that runs from authentication to data protection, including:

  • Active Directory Synchronization
  • Kerberos and Active Directory Authentication
  • Entity-level authorization via Podium impersonation in combination with Sentry/Ranger policies and/or HDFS ACLs

Enterprise Data Development Lifecycle
Enterprise data platforms need to support continuous data development and growth. To govern this process, Podium’s rich and automated metadata tracks data as it moves through the organization, from development to test to production. Podium metadata includes data types, character sets, lineage to the source, data profiling statistics, business definitions, and user generated metatags and business properties. For data to be truly serviceable downstream, all of this metadata must seamlessly travel with the data through development, test, and production workflows. Podium’s enhanced import and export capabilities automate processes to ensure the data and metadata are always in sync.

An enterprise-class Hadoop data lake delivers maximum value for business-oriented, non-technical users to find, understand, and prepare data on their own without programmers or specialized data analysts. Increasingly, valuable insights come from merging data owned by the business (e.g., marketing is responsible for web logs and social media feeds) with other enterprise data. Podium has extended end-user accessibility to include fast and easy on-boarding of complex sources such as mainframe and XML files by non-technical users. On-boarding includes comprehensive data validation and profiling so the users know immediately that the data is "business ready".

In fact, business users can onboard data through a user-friendly wizard. Podium wizards automatically analyze source data to identify its structure and data types, then use this information to perform sophisticated data mappings and formatting to create first-class queryable tables in Hadoop.

“We are on the crest of the third wave of data platforms, where data is pervasive and central to every business process and user,” said Paul Barth, CEO and co-founder, Podium Data. “To deliver the needs of the whole organization, these platforms must meet the security requirements of highly-regulated enterprises and support the new, agile governance model enabled by this new architecture. With Podium 2.2.1, analysts have secure, self-service access to the data they need, and IT has an enterprise-class foundation to govern and scale the data lake to meet new demands.”

More information, including detailed descriptions of the Podium platform and its new features is available on the Podium Blog, here.

About Podium Data, Inc.
Podium Data is redefining enterprise data management with its practical, high performance data lake management platform. Headquartered in Lowell, Massachusetts, Podium’s seasoned team of entrepreneurs has deep expertise in analytics, big data and enterprise data management. A growing list of Fortune 500 companies use Podium to accelerate delivery of data to business users through a variety of enterprise scale data lake, extraction/transformation, and load migrations; and analytic projects. More information is available at and on Twitter at @PodiumData.


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