Cramer on Hershey: The next food stocks for a takeover

The food group has always fascinated Jim Cramer, and it became more heated with Mondelez's bid for Hershey on Thursday.

Food stocks are unique because they have almost no growth, yet continue to be loved by investors. That love can sometimes be tested by dramatic accelerations in the economy.

The group snapped back on Thursday when candy maker Hershey rejected a bid by Mondelez International, a sign that Mondelez was attempting to create growth.

Cramer explained that supermarket aisles are pretty much set in stone. So, unless companies buy one another and rationalize them by firing people and running the product through an already established distribution system, there isn't another way to grow.

Instead, the goal is to spend their way into better supermarket real estate.

"I've said that takeovers will be the backbone of the second half because of the lack of growth. Consider today a gun jump on that move, and a good one for the bulls at that," the "Mad Money" host said.

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"Consider today a gun jump on that move, and a good one for the bulls at that." -Jim Cramer

After all, there won't be two more aisles of Mondelez's Oreos and Chips Ahoy. One cannot create another candy aisle just for Cadbury candies.

It made sense that Mondelez would want Hershey to accelerate its growth. In response the stock would go up, as it did on Thursday with the bid.

General Mills evidenced growth after reporting a robust quarter on Wednesday, thanks to its endeavors in the natural and organic space. The removal of artificial coloring and gluten in its cereal brands resulted in a dramatic increase in sales.

Cramer had two stocks on his radar to be next for the acquisition rumor mill: Kellogg and Kraft Heinz. They must do a deal in order to create some sort of growth, he said.

"It is a fact of life, companies with no growth either invent it or buy it, and when it comes to food there is no real mother of invention, so acquisitions are the only way to go," Cramer said.

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