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Richard Branson offers free trips to Necker Island for 'treasure hunt' winners

Necker Island
Marka | UIG | Getty Images

There's now a way to travel to billionaire Sir Richard Branson's exclusive Necker Island, for free. If you're lucky.

The founder of the Virgin Group launched a treasure hunt in the U.K., as part of a campaign to promote his new app, that ends with a free trip to the island.

The "V- Marks the Spot " campaign promotes the cross- company loyalty app called "Virgin Red". The company will leave physical coins around the U.K. When someone finds the coin, engraved with a code, they can type it into the Virgin Red app to unlock more clues. Coins are also digital, and some will appear on websites and throughout the app, according to Virgin's website.

"The more coins you find, the more vaults you unlock," Branson said in a video on the company's site. "And the more vaults you unlock, the closer you get to Necker Island and that chest of treasure."

The coins then unlock one of 12 vaults, four of which unlock a chance to win a trip to Necker Island in August.

But vault winners don't automatically get the grand prize. Sixteen winners will fly on an "Upper Class" Virgin Atlantic flight from London Heathrow to Tortola, in the British Virgin Islands. They stay on the Branson Estate on Moskito Island, a short boat ride away from Necker Island.

From there, another treasure hunt begins.

Winners will hunt for a treasure chest alongside Branson, through a series of "mini challenges". Whoever finds the treasure first wins. The grand prize includes return flights to New York with Virgin Atlantic, wine from Virgin Wines, and free rail travel for one year.