Woodside Animal Clinic Offers Thermal Imaging

ROYAL OAK, Mich., July 03, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Thermal imaging is a welcome addition to the suite of veterinary services that will benefit pets and their owners, reports Woodside Animal Clinic. The veterinarian at this Royal Oak animal clinic can address painful ailments and trauma with non-invasive thermal imaging. The procedure painlessly addresses chronic and debilitating conditions in animals. Thermal imaging complements x-rays and diagnostic testing and offers more accurate diagnosis for care and treatment of acute and chronic pet painful health problems. The goal at Woodside Animal Clinic is for pets to return to pain-free and active lives.

Thermal imaging can address a number of painful conditions. X-rays are useful for diagnosing broken bones and fractures but are not helpful when it comes to soft tissue tears, inflammation or certain back issues. Thermal imaging uses a high-tech infrared camera to provide an image of temperature changes along an animal’s body and limbs. Unusual changes in temperature can indicate inflammation and can be used to identify areas of soft tissue injury with compromised or increased blood flow. Thermal imaging has been used to identify injured limbs or joints where the location of pain is not obvious. Hidden back problems can also be identified. If the specific site of the pets pain can be identified using the thermo imaging, therapies such as acupuncture and laser therapy may prove much more effective.

“Thermal imaging is a unique approach available at our clinic to help diagnose soft tissue injury and inflammation in pets,” said Dr. John Simon. “We often see pets come into the clinic with painful conditions and trauma that cannot be fully diagnosed with x-rays. Thermal imaging provides veterinarians and pet owners more information as to the reason for an animal’s change in behavior and can detect the source of subtle lameness and certain soft tissue back problems. A treatment program can then be developed to help affected pets get back to their old selves.”

Dr. Simon, veterinarian, owner and only vet of the Woodside Animal Clinic, offers veterinary services to pets and their owners in Royal Oak, Berkley, Ferndale and Detroit for over 30 years. Dr. Simon and staff provide holistic treatments and medical care for pets and small animals including, dogs, cats and birds. Because Dr. Simon is the only vet, pets will see him every visit. He will get to know each pet better and provide a higher level of care. The clinic offers traditional veterinary medicine, including wellness screenings and vaccinations, and holistic treatments such as pet acupuncture and chiropractic therapy.

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Source:Woodside Animal Hospital