Reformed Broker's case for candidate Gary Johnson

Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson walks in Lafayette Park across from the White House during an interview with AFP in Washington, DC, on May 9, 2016.
Nicholas Kamm | AFP | Getty Images

Financial executive and "The Reformed Broker" Joshua M. Brown said he believes Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson is a valid choice for the presidency, with a real chance to win.

"Gary Johnson seems like a pretty reasonable candidate," wrote Brown in a blog posted Sunday. "He's an actually successful business man, not a TV caricature of one. … He's actually governed people."

Brown — who is the CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management and a regular trader panelist on CNBC's "Halftime Report" — wrote in his non-endorsement that Johnson has a real shot given that he is currently polling at 12 percent nationally and only needs to reach 15 percent to make it onto the presidential debate stage. That, coupled with the fact that his name will be on the ballot in all 50 states, means for Brown "He actually has a chance to win. It's a small chance, but it's non-zero."

"With Trump's campaign one tweet away from complete destruction and the former First Lady facing down a possible FBI indictment, all of a sudden being a third option in a presidential race with four months to go is not such a ludicrous proposition," Brown wrote, referring to the major party candidates Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.

In the post, Brown said Johnson could fill the desire of of those voters who want a fiscally conservative and socially liberal candidate, pointing to Johnson's positions on cutting military spending and pro-marijuana legalization.

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