Nutrition Journey by Anna Baker Offers Members Unlimited Access to an On-Call Personal Nutrition Expert

Los Angeles, July 06, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nutrition Journey by Anna Baker launches a hyper-customized online and in-person nutrition concierge service that functions like a monthly gym membership. Designed to deliver day-to-day healthy lifestyle guidance, education, and support, the program is the first-of-its-kind to introduce a membership-style payment plan, which includes unlimited 24/7 access to a personal nutritionist and much more.

“Most nutritional programs operate on either a completely virtual or a pay-per-visit platform,” said Anna Baker, founder and principal nutritionist for Nutrition Journey. “The issue is neither one of these are entirely fluid with the modern American lifestyle. While online programs may be convenient, they are only able to offer so much personalization. On the other hand, regular in-person meetings, while fantastic for assessing progress, lack the day-to-day support and accountability that can come with an online program. With Nutrition Journey, I sought to merge the best of both platforms, giving clients 24-7 support, with a highly personal touch.”

Nutrition Journey memberships may include health and fitness evaluations, comprehensive nutrition assessments, on-going healthy lifestyle education, body composition analyses, customized meal plans, smart shopping tutorials, bi-monthly counseling, on-going motivational support, kitchen and lifestyle makeovers, and 24-7 nutritional guidance. Members have ‘round the clock access to their personal nutritionist via phone, text, or email and are guaranteed a response within 12 hours.

“My decision to make Nutrition Journey a membership program was a strategic one,” said Baker. “People invest in gym memberships because they understand fitness is an ongoing process, one that must evolve as your body does—nutrition is no different. Just like we must continuously tweak our workout routine in order to see consistent results, effective nutrition also requires regular change and fine-tuning. With Nutrition Journey, members are able to set and meet both long and short-term goals. And, just as a fitness trainer may adjust a workout regimen based on upcoming events, unforeseen health concerns, and various other lifestyle aspects, our experts consider those same elements when guiding your nutrition journey.”

Specializing in a full spectrum of health concerns, Nutrition Journey tackles weight loss, food allergies, illnesses, and lifestyle overhauls. Plans can be any length of time, with an initial two-month minimum, and prepaid packages are available for two, four, and six month plans. A rewards based encouragement system offers clients benefits and discounts for long-term commitment, signing up friends and meeting challenges.

For more information or to sign-up today, please visit:

Travis Culver 323.937.1951

Source: Nutrition Journey byAnna Baker