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Fix It Fast

If you drop your mobile device on the sidewalk, you're looking at a cracked screen at worst. If you drop it in the pool, it's time to panic. Or is it? Fix It Fast is a repair business for customers whose mobile devices have suffered damage from water, sand, heat or any other summertime hazard.

It seems like an obvious concept today, but founder and CEO Jeff Huhtanen said that when he founded the business, people were skeptical.

"In August of 2009, I took a chance and opened the first Fix It Fast location in Fort Worth, Texas," he said. "At the time, the landlord was so convinced that this business would fail that he wrote in a 12-month walkaway clause to allow me to lick my wounds after failing. Fix It Fast has been in that location for seven years now and has since opened stores in Arlington and Southlake, Texas; and Omaha, Nebraska."

Cost to buy: $25,000
Fees: 8 percent of weekly gross sales or weekly minimum of $200, whichever is greater

Source: Fix It Fast