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One of the most pernicious myths about the stock market, according to Jim Cramer

Cramer: Worst mistake ever made in a sell-off

One of the most dangerous myths of the stock market, according to Jim Cramer, is that the action always makes sense.

"On any given day, the action in the market can be completely nonsensical. Stocks can go up when they should have gone down and vice versa. Entire sectors can move for totally bogus reasons," the "Mad Money " host said.

Cramer reminded investors to never forget that the market can often be stupid for entire sessions of trading. Sometimes this is evident in the media, where explanations are created when there are none in an attempt to find logic and reason behind the moves.

Chipotle stock fell more than 3 percent on Thursday after a tweet from Eric Van Lustbader, the author of "Jason Bourne," said that his editor went to urgent care after eating Chipotle. Chris Arnold, a spokesman for Chipotle, told CNBC that there were no reported illnesses in any of its New York restaurants.

Shares began to reverse after the Chipotle statement was made.

"Never assume that just because something happened, it has to make sense because the market always is supposed to make sense. That's nonsense," Cramer said.

Cramer emphasized the importance of being able to take a step back and recognize when moves are irrational. It is when investors start to cook up connections where none exist that trouble starts.

Many times the market or stocks will swing for reasons that have nothing to do with the actual underlying prospects of a company.

"When that occurs, you want to take advantage of the irrationality, not buy into it by chasing stocks or panicking out of them," Cramer said, "Remember, nobody ever made a dime panicking."

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