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Longmont Vision Center Offers Summer Eyewear with UV Protection

LONGMONT, Colo., July 10, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sunglasses with UV protection allow individuals to decrease risks related to direct exposure to sunlight, reports Longmont Vision Center. A range of frames, styles and brands are available which offer UV protection for those with and without 20/20 vision. Longmont Vision Center offers sunglasses that protect against UV radiation and come in a range of styles, including selections from Smith, Wiley X and Ray-Ban.

Smith sunglasses are recognized by athletes all over the world for their durable, innovative and modern frames. Their collection includes styles that are intended for performance activities, as well as casual everyday wear.

Wiley X sunglasses pride themselves on developing eyewear that’s both safe and provides utility for the wearer. This protective eyewear collection is popular amongst active duty military personnel, law enforcement and civilians alike.

Ray-Ban offers on-trend quality sunglasses. Their Juniors collection is a great option for children, providing 100% UV protection in frames that are fun for the young and fashion-conscious to wear.

Additionally, the sunglasses selection at Longmont Vision Center includes frames by Gucci, Versace, Juicy Couture, Coach, Carerra, Nicole Miller, Kate Spade and Polarized.

“Summer eyewear with UV protection protects eyes from permanent damage as a result of prolonged UV ray exposure,” said Dr. Roger Trudell. “We want patients to be aware of the risks associated with not wearing eyewear with UV protection. UV rays can be a contributing factor in the development of cataracts. A complete exam and proper fit help ensure that eyewear with UV protection performs optimally for the wearer. Our optometrists are happy to help patients find the right pair.”

Individuals should protect their eyes from glare, retina damage, and the possible formation of cataracts by looking for eyewear labels that offer 100 percent protection and read “UV 400.” UV rays can cause the lens in the eye to become cloudy, resulting in cataracts. This condition is progressive and can impair color perception, the ability to read and even perform necessary vision-related tasks. Late stages of cataracts often require surgery to restore lost vision.

Regular eye exams monitor eye health and the progression of any condition which may affect a patient’s quality of vision. Having frames fitted by an eye care professional can also attribute to better vision by ensuring that eyewear fits comfortably, securely, and aligns properly with the eye.

Dr. Roger Trudell and Dr. Kevin Cottrell serve the residents of Longmont and surrounding communities. Their team strives to provide high-quality optometry care. Families are invited to make an appointment for necessary eye exams, or visit the practice for frame fittings to ensure the best vision experience. Services include contact lenses, glasses, glaucoma testing, and pre- and post-operative care.  

Call (303) 651-6700 to learn more about summer eyewear with UV protection or to schedule an appointment. Visit for more details on their services.

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Source: Longmont Vision Center