Tesla's Musk: I have a new 'secret' master plan, so stay tuned

Elon Musk hints at new secret master plan

A decade after unveiling a "master plan" to turn Tesla Motors into an automotive powerhouse, founder Elon Musk has dropped a big hint that he's going back to the drawing board.

The automaker has come under withering scrutiny over its ability to deliver on its promises, and a recent death involving one of its Model S cars. Yet on Sunday, the mogul announced on Twitter that he is working on a "secret master plan, part 2," with details to come later this week.

Back in August of 2006, Musk published a blog post that detailed the automaker's "Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan (just between you and me)," in which he spelled out Tesla's overarching vision for the automaker.

As he closed the blog post, those objectives were enumerated as building a sports car, using the proceeds to build an affordable one; using that money "to build an even more affordable" car, and providing "zero emission electric power generation options." Musk's last point was made tongue in cheek: "Don't tell anyone."

Musk's cryptic tweet came as Tesla battles against increasingly skeptical investors over its current business plan. Last quarter, the automaker cranked up production, yet continued to struggle to deliver them to clients.

The second quarter's Model S and X deliveries were in fact lower than the 12,420 and 2,400, respectively, that were cranked out during Q1. In April, Tesla acknowledged problems making good on its order commitments, and cited its own "hubris" in not being able to meet those goals.

Meanwhile, Musk got into a high profile spat with Fortune Magazine about a fatality involving one of its cars. The billionaire blasted the publication's report as "fundamentally incorrect," and called the story "rushed to print."