GOP convention delegate's welcome for Trump: He's 'a sick sociopath'

Gordon Humphrey
Jim Cole | AP

It's now or never for the #NeverTrump campaign and the Super PAC Delegates Unbound to stop Donald Trump from obtaining the official nod as the GOP presidential candidate.

Heading into next week's GOP convention in Cleveland, one of the staunch supporters of Delegates Unbound is a former New Hampshire U.S. senator and current delegate, Gordon Humphrey.

Humphrey, previously a John Kasich supporter, said the Delegates Unbound organization is about removing a candidate who is not fit for the presidency. "Trump is a sick sociopath. He has no conscience. No feelings of guilt, remorse, empathy or embarrassment. He has never apologized to Carly [Fiorina], the disabled reporter or Senator McCain on the horrible things he said about them," said Humphrey, who served two terms in the Senate. "He has severe personality disorders and is not fit to be president."

The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment from CNBC.

Working full-time to "educate" the delegates to stand up for their rights of being free and able to vote for whomever they want is Humphrey's fundamental goal. "Delegates were elected to choose the candidate that is a fit to be president. They were not elected to be a rubber stamp," he said.

Delegates Unbound co-founder Kendal Unruh, who supported Cruz in the primary and is a member of the convention rules committee, is expected to drop the rule during one of the conventions rules committee meetings midweek. During Unruh's phone interview with CNBC, it was pointed out that RNC delegates, based on their existing rules, already vote their conscience. Unruh acknowledged she knew that, but added, "We need to codify the rule to let the delegates know the conscience rule already exists."

Humphrey said he is not only confident the rule will get the 28 votes of support in the committee to pass in a form of a minority report, but he believes it will pass on the convention floor. If that is done, the convention will then become contested. "Once we stop Trump on the first ballot, and I think it will happen, this coalition has done its job. We will all then go back to our candidates we were backing." Humphrey said Delegates Unbound is made up of Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Kasich and Ted Cruz delegates.

"There is a known softness to Trump's 1,237 number," said Humphrey, referring to the number of delegates needed to qualify as presumptive nominee. "We want an open convention where the least qualified candidate is rejected. And that candidate is Trump."