Study reveals what people do with their phones in the bathroom

vadimguzhva | Getty Images

Some secrets of the privy are perhaps best left private.

A survey released Tuesday from cloud-based online service MiMedia asked 1,000 people about their smartphone habits in the bathroom, and some of the results are predictably awkward.

Twelve percent of respondents confessed to watching porn on their smartphone while on the toilet, according to the survey.

Overall, about 69 percent said they used their phone while on their toilet. A quarter said they had dropped their phone in the toilet, with Android users more likely to admit to such an accident than iPhone owners. More than half continued to use their phone, while 10 percent said they found it too gross to use afterward — although they saved it. One-third said they weren't able to save their digital media files after dropping their phone in the toilet.

About three-fourths of the participants said they spent longer than usual in the bathroom because they were looking at something on their phone. People were more likely to visit news sites while on the toilet, followed by shopping/retail sites.

More than half said they visited their social media feeds including Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram while in the bathroom. One out of 4 played games, while a quarter said they watched videos and movies. Men were more likely to text on the toilet than women.

Interestingly, 83 percent of people who said they used dating apps while on the toilet were men. Males were more likely to swipe right (meaning say yes on Tinder) while so situated.

Only women confessed they took selfies or photos while in the bathroom.