Dump Trump in Cleveland

Donald Trump, presumptive Republican presidential nominee
Matthew Staver | Bloomberg | Getty Images
Donald Trump, presumptive Republican presidential nominee

The Democratic and Republican National Conventions are not meetings of the Supreme Soviet. Delegates are not required to rubber-stamp whatever party leaders dictate. Instead, they have been delegated authority to exercise their best judgment in selecting presidential nominees.

Aren't some delegates required to vote for Donald Trump, whether they think he is fit to be president or not? No. That is a widespread misunderstanding, but a misunderstanding, nonetheless.

On Monday, a federal district court judge ruled unconstitutional Virginia's statute binding delegates, saying delegates are free to vote as they think best. The ruling's logic applies to the other 19 states with similar statutes.

The decision was nothing new. Whenever laws purporting to bind delegates have been challenged, they have consistently been struck down by federal courts, up to and including the Supreme Court. In the entire 160 years of the Republican Party, there isn't a single instance where the courts have enforced laws purporting to bind delegates. Not one. Zero.

Likewise, state party rules cannot bind delegates. The Republican National Convention is the highest governing authority of the party. The rules adopted at the convention supersede rules of the state parties. Indeed, the national party and the state parties are creatures of the national convention, not vice versa.

"No conscience, no guilt, no shame, no remorse, no regret, no apologies. These are hallmarks of a sociopath. And sociopaths are dangerous when given power."

Every delegate arriving in Cleveland next week arrives unbound, free to exercise his or her best judgment. In a normal year, delegates would give heaviest weight to the preference expressed in state primaries. But this is not a normal year, because Donald Trump, himself, is abnormal.

Trump, unlike leading candidates in past years is utterly unqualified to be president. Put aside lack of relevant experience, his shifting positions, his incoherence. The man is psychologically unfit to be the nation's chief executive and commander-in-chief of our young men in women in uniform.

Donald Trump is a classic sociopath. He lacks a conscience. He never feels guilt, shame, embarrassment, regret or remorse. He is untroubled when causing others pain. He never apologizes.

John McCain, who suffered broken arms and a broken leg in bailing out of his fighter plane and painful physical and psychological torture for years on end, is no hero, Trump says. A reporter with a disability is mocked by Trump. The face of a woman of distinction, a fellow candidate for president, is subject to Trump's sneering. A natural-born American citizen is unfit to be a federal judge, because his parents were born in Mexico, says Trump.

No conscience, no guilt, no shame, no remorse, no regret, no apologies. These are hallmarks of a sociopath. And sociopaths are dangerous when given power. The are cruel, ruthless and autocratic, as history has shown only too tragically.

Trump has a dangerously sick psyche. GOP delegates are free to dump him and should do so in favor of a qualified candidate.

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