Taco Bell goes 'all in' on new Las Vegas location

Taco Bell taking a gamble on Las Vegas

Taco Bell is taking a gamble on Las Vegas.

The Mexican chain revealed on Tuesday that it's going "all-in" this fall and opening a flagship restaurant in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip.

The two-story, 24-hour Taco Bell Cantina will take inspiration from Vegas in its design and decor and will serve alcohol, including beer and "Twisted Freezes" — frozen beverages with either vodka, rum or tequila.

Tapas-style menu items exclusive to Taco Bell's Cantina restaurants will also be served.

"Expansion into urban markets is a key focus for us both this year and over the course of the next several years," Brian Niccol, CEO at Taco Bell, said in a statement. "When we talked about where to establish a flagship store, it didn't take long to realize that having a presence in the heart of Vegas would undoubtedly create a unique, distinctive and fun destination and experience for Taco Bell fans."

Taco Bell introduced four new store designs back in May in hopes of attracting diners to a sleeker, more modernized dining experience.

While the Mexican chain has steady lunchtime traffic, the brand has branched out to stake its claim in the breakfast and midnight snack categories. However, Taco Bell has yet to make its mark on dinnertime.

"We hope that we see a renewed interest in actually using it as a place to go out to dinner [versus] picking up convenience and food to go home," Deborah Brand, vice president of development and design at Taco Bell, told USA Today back in May.

Taco Bell's new Las Vegas location appears to be designed to attract diners to stay, as it features community seating and an outdoor patio in addition to the serving of alcohol.