$2 million dinner in Singapore includes 10,000 roses, 2 carat diamond ring

Cê La Vi SkyBar, Singapore
Source: Cê La Vi

Do you have $2 million and eight hours to spare? Then the "world's most expensive dining experience" is for you.

Ce La Vi, a restaurant situated on the rooftop of Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore, partnered with Russia's World of Diamonds to create an exclusive dating experience for two, according to Mashable.

The multimillion-dollar meal begins with a 45-minute helicopter ride over the city and a pit stop at a luxury cruise before diners are brought to Ce La Vi via a Rolls-Royce to enjoy an 18-course meal.

The meal itself will be eaten with diamond chopsticks and consists of Belon oysters, Almas caviar and vintage wine, among other luxury items. Not to mention, diners will be showered with 10,000 roses and presented with a 2.08 carat blue diamond ring, called the "Jane Seymour" after the British actress, at the end of the meal.

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