Anasazi Energy Corporation completes acquisition of Solar Quartz Technologies Ltd. in a transaction valued at US$ 530 Million

HOUSTON, July 13, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Anasazi Energy Corporation (OTC.US:ANSZ) today announced that the Company has closed the acquisition of Solar Quartz Technologies Limited, Inc. The parties have agreed the value of the transaction is US$ 530 million based upon SQT’s extensive assets and future earnings.

The name of ANASAZI will now be changed to Solar Quartz Technologies, Inc. (“SQTI”), and an application to FINRA will be made to obtain a new trading symbol. The Company does not anticipate any further reorganization of its common stock.

ANASAZI is in process of issuing new shares of common stock as payment to SQTI, equivalent to 95% of the Company’s shares. SQTI will immediately prepare audited financial statements, to become fully reporting with the SEC, and then apply to the SEC for approval to uplift SQTI to trade on the senior NASDAQ exchange. SQTI anticipates receiving the approval to trade on the senior exchange prior to December 2016.

Jeff Freedman, President of Anasazi stated, "We are pleased that this important strategic acquisition has been completed. The Solar Energy market worldwide is becoming more significant, as countries recognize the need to focus on viable alternative renewable energy sources. We are confident the ongoing SQTI business operations will prove to be of substantial value to our shareholders.”

SQTI – Solar Industry High-tech Supplier

Solar Quartz Technologies Limited is positioned as a High-Tech Refining and Processing manufacturer entirely focused on the production of commercial grade quantities of High Purity Quartz Sand (“HPQS”) to meet burgeoning world demand. HPQS is an essential component necessary for the manufacture of all PV Solar Panels, Semi-conductors and all high-end electronics. The longevity of the SQT operations is well assured due to its extensive supplies of raw material feedstock for refining into HPQS, sourced from its wholly owned high-purity silica/quartz mineral deposits (JORC 14 million tons), located in Queensland, Australia.

SQT’s primary focus is on re-locating its new commercial production facilities to process the highly profitable production of commercial quantities (30,000 - 80,000 tpa.) of High Purity Quartz Sand from new factories in Melbourne, Australia and San Diego, in the USA. The SQT management team has extensive hands on experience (8 years) in all technical aspects and operational management areas of the highly profitable HPQS manufacturing business.

SQT has few competitors, as there are only a handful of manufacturers capable of producing both consistent quality and commercial quantities of HPQS worldwide. HPQS is traditionally in a demand position of under supply compared to Global Solar and High-end electronics industry requirements. The burgeoning Global demand for large capacity power generating solar farms, both in the USA and worldwide, is further compounding the increased demand for high purity quartz production.

PV Solar Panel Feedstock – Solar-grade Silicon

SQT can also produce low-cost solar-grade PV silicon due to its sole ownership extensive deposits of natural high purity silica/quartz feedstock. Together with SQT’s ability to utilize new processing applications and technologies SQT has several opportunities. A high degree of interest from several large Global end users of PV solar grade silicon has been expressed as potential joint venture partners to capitalize on SQTI’s unique cost advantages by establishing a PV Silicon production facility for the production of solar grade PV silicon at below market cost.

SQT is well positioned to become a dominant global supplier of raw materials required in the production of both PV Solar panels, and HPQS, as well as fulfilling demand from many other segments of the Semiconductor, and all high-end electronics manufacturing industries.

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