Mindyra Launches New Technology Aimed at Addressing Costs of Mental Health in the Workplace  

DARIEN, Conn., July 13, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mindyra, a technology company dedicated to improving the diagnosis and treatment of behavioral health issues, today announced the launch of a new online platform designed to assist family doctors and empower them to better diagnose and treat patients with behavioral health issues, and dramatically reduce costs associated with mental health care in the workplace. The World Health Organization estimates that mental health issues and substance abuse are the leading causes of disability worldwide, and the National Alliance on Mental Illness reports some $193 billion per year in workplace earnings is lost due to untreated mental illness.

The new virtual system, patent pending, includes a next-generation testing tool that simultaneously screens for dozens of mental health and learning disability conditions via iPad or mobile device, allowing primary care providers to quickly arrive at a more precise diagnosis and treatment plan for patients. The simple, automated workflow analyzes test results and helps guide physicians to the best treatment regimens and most appropriate specialists, while allowing physicians to adjust as needed based on their knowledge of the patient. Mindyra also provides ongoing tests that assist clinicians and family members in tracking how well a patient is responding to treatment so that they can make necessary modifications in real time.

“Nothing like Mindyra exists in the marketplace today,” said Bill Battey, CEO of Mindyra. “No other technology assists the Primary Care Physician in providing a more precise diagnosis and treatment plan for a wide-range of mental health, substance abuse and learning issues. We founded Mindyra to help deliver better care for the patient and reduce cost for the employer.”

The proprietary features of the Mindyra platform include:

  • The most broad-based assessment test available today, which is the first stage of a three part diagnostic tool kit for Primary Care Providers to help make a more precise diagnosis
  • Automated, clinical treatment protocols by diagnostic condition. Automated referrals to best available and approved practitioners along with a vetting service to help match patient and specialist
  • Treatment progress algorithms, which update best-practices, care provider rankings and generate predictive analytics to support treatment
  • HIPAA-compliant platform for doctors and therapists to share test results with patients and other providers as well as review relevant related reports

“This is a game-changer for patients, employers, insurers and providers,” said Dr. Hank Schwartz, Chair of Mindyra’s Board of Advisors. “CEOs and healthcare leaders across the country are realizing that integrating behavioral health and emotional well-being into all health and wellness in the workplace is critical to improving patient outcomes and reducing overall healthcare costs,” Dr. Schwartz added. “The Mindyra platform has the potential to drastically improve the quality of care, reduce treatment cycle time and decrease overall healthcare costs.”

Mental health is critical to overall well-being, but not a specialty of most primary care doctors. With one in every five Americans suffering with some form of a mental health condition, family doctors need better tools to assist them in diagnosing and treating patients effectively, plus finding the right specialists to save time and money. Mindyra works with employers to integrate behavioral health into primary care, creating significant cost savings while increasing productivity, morale and overall health among employees. Addressing employees’ and their families’ behavioral health issues holistically, more effectively and cost-effectively is an untapped opportunity for employers to provide more comprehensive health care while reducing the total cost of that care.

About Mindyra

Mindyra is a technology company dedicated to helping employers maintain a healthy and productive workforce by helping doctors make more accurate diagnoses and better treatment plans for behavioral health issues that affect 1 in every 5 employees. Our innovative platform combines comprehensive diagnostic tools with automated workflows that empower family doctors and specialists to treat the whole patient thereby saving precious time and money. To learn more, please visit www.mindyra.com.

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