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Intel CEO explains canceled Trump event

Alexandra Mosher
Intel CEO explains what really happened to Trump event

SAN FRANCISCO — Intel CEO Brian Krzanich never intended to hold a fundraiser when he canceled an appearance by presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump at his home in the Bay Area last month.

"I'll tell you what really happened." Krzanich said at Fortune's Brainstorm Tech 2016 conference in Aspen, Colo., on Tuesday.

Krzanich said the Trump event was never supposed to be a fundraiser. Originally, the Intel head and a small group of people planned to meet with Trump to discuss issues within the United States that were connected to the tech sector.

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"I am passionate about these issues." Krzanich said. "The issues of diversity, the issues of making America strong in manufacturing (and) making us competitive in tax."

Once Krzanich realized it was being turned into a fundraiser, he called it off.

The event was cancelled the day before it was supposed to take place, shortly after The New York Times began asking questions. After receiving criticism, Krzanich took to Twitter to explain that he was not endorsing Trump.

Recode reported there was a ruckus within Intel's ranks because of Trump's anti-immigration policies and his comments on women. The company has invested over $300 million into increasing diversity at Intel.

Hope Hicks, the press secretary for Trump's campaign, said in a statement to Bloomberg in June that the event was canceled due to a scheduling conflict.

On Tuesday, Krzanich said he doesn't believe it is part of the tech industry's job to get behind a candidate. "Our job is to get behind issues, issues that are important to a society or issues that are important to this industry." he said.