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Cramer: Stop wasting my time! Stock prices are justified

Cramer: Stop wasting my time! Stock prices are justified

Jim Cramer has a message for investors that believe current stock prices are unjustified: stop wasting his time.

Earnings season kicked off with a bang this week, and Cramer liked what he heard from Alcoa, United Continental and Delta.

"At a certain point the anecdotal evidence piles up until it's empirical, and I think these earnings reports potentially justify these prices," the "Mad Money " host said.

Alcoa's report confirmed to Cramer that autos and auto exports were much stronger than expected in both Europe and China. It also provided a positive outlook in the aerospace industry when CEO Klaus Kleinfeld said he expects aerospace to grow by more than 10 percent next year.

Some people just don't understand, a win is a win and you take it where you can get it.
Jim Cramer
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United Continental and Delta said business is improving, which justified the huge rallies in their stocks over the past few days.

"The airlines are fabulous barometers of commerce and consumer spending. The fact that they had been down so much was pretty daunting to us old-schoolers," Cramer said.

Additional signals of strength came from strong quarters delivered by Seagate, CSX and YUM Brands. JPMorgan Chase also had strong growth in consumer and commercial lending when it reported, which indicated to Cramer that banks are doing better than most think.

Cramer acknowledged that the market has an unusual backdrop right now. Overseas demand for U.S. Treasurys has pushed interest rates in the U.S. to low levels.

Central banks around the world are also trying to debase their currencies in order to boost exports. As government bond yields around the world are hitting historic lows, the scarcity of U.S. bonds and prices being bid up create lower rates for the U.S.

This influx of assets coming to the U.S. are what is keeping rates low and makes dividend yields in stocks much more attractive. Thus, many investors believe there is an unnatural floor supporting the market. While Cramer noted that it does support the argument that stocks don't deserve to trade at current levels, he dismissed the theory.

"Who cares if interest rates are artificially low?" Cramer said, "Competition is competition. It's like the NFL out there."

Just because defensive players are injured, that doesn't mean touchdowns don't count, he said.

"Only ideologues who hate central banks so much that they wouldn't take advantage of the opportunity would argue that … Some people just don't understand, a win is a win and you take it where you can get it."

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