Cramer: Why I'm worried about the Walgreens deal

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Johnson Controls: "No! That merger with Tyco is a buy, buy, buy, buy. I love it."

Rite Aid: "I am worried that Walgreen is not going to be able to close that deal with Rite Aid because of the FTC. That's why that spread is so big. I would be very careful." "I don't recommend any Chinese stocks on this show. It's just too risky for me. I don't need to make that kind of money for people. Or try, meaning I don't need to lose that money."

Vodafone Group PLC: "I think Vodafone is OK. I understand, and I'm very concerned about anything from Britain. I understand that the yield is good. I think Vodafone will be fine long term. It's not going to be fine short term."

Ship Finance International: "I have looked at Ship Finance, and I've got to tell you, I'm only recommending Nordic American Tanker. Even that one has got a great yield, but the stock has been a tough stock to own."

Plains All American Pipeline: "No, Plains All American is not one that I like. I know the stock looks like it's trading up. It's got a good chart, but that is one of the weaker ones in the business. Enterprise is better, absolutely."

Whole Foods Market: "The answer is that I think Whole Foods is a buy. Now, obviously we missed the $29-30 when I was recommending it. The company is in it, they're buying it back, I like 365. I'm a believer."

H&R Block: "No, I didn't like that last quarter. They are distinctly in the penalty box. I am much more a fan of Intuit."

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