Facial Recognition Biometrics Market to Rise, Increasing Crime Rates Globally to Augment Growth: QYResearchReports.com

Brooklyn, NY , July 14, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The major technological developments taking place in the market during the forecast period 2011 to 2016 have also been highlighted under this study. In addition, the threats and the opportunities encountered by the major players within the global facial recognition biometrics market have also been encapsulated under this study. The trending factors influencing the market shares of the U.S., Japan, China, and the EU have also been elaborated upon in this study.

The report starts by presenting the industry overview section of facial recognition biometrics. Under this section, the specifications, definitions, classifications, and applications of facial biometrics have been presented. Facial recognition biometrics is a technology utilized for the authentication and identification of individuals by taking their facial images through a camera. This technology is employed for matching and measuring the unique characteristics and identifies the facial images in terms of numerous facial features such as distance between eyebrows, eyes, cheek bones, etc. It quantifies the facial features and then matches them with the already stored templates within a database.

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Facial recognition biometrics technology is being demanded over other biometric methods such as fingerprint, voice, and iris recognition. This is owing to the non-intrusive nature of this technology, meaning that this technology doesn’t require any kind of physical contact with an apparatus. As per this report, the facial recognition biometrics technology is employed in a number of applications such as that of consumer electronics, banking and finance, defense, residential, commercial security, and government.

In the next section of this study, the major factors propelling and inhibiting the growth of the facial recognition biometrics market have been presented. The increasing regulations by governments have fuelled the utilization of this technology within information security, thus propelling the growth of the overall market. In addition, the non-intrusive nature of facial recognition biometrics will also positively impact the growth of the market for facial recognition biometrics.

Furthermore, the increasing utilization of mobile devices for carrying out financial transactions has raised the requirement for enhanced security, thus boosting the demand for facial recognition biometrics. The rising concerns on security globally owing to the increasing crime rates such as illegal immigration, terrorist attacks, and financial frauds will also fuel the growth of this market. However, the market may experience a setback owing to the increasing privacy issues such as misuse of personal data involved in the usage of facial recognition biometrics.

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In the end, the competitive landscape analysis of the market has been presented elaborating the major manufacturers prominent in the global facial recognition biometrics market. Some of these manufacturers are Morpho (Safran), Fujitsu Limited, 3M Cogent, Inc., NEC Corporation, and Suprema HQ, among others.

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